Carbon-Fiber Imitation Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat

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CUSHIONED KITCHEN MAT AND RUNNER SET: 10mm thick anti-fatigue comfort mats provide ample support for your foot and knees over long periods of standing when used as a standing desk mat, kitchen chef mat.

WATERPROOF AND OIL PROOF MAT: Made of high quality PVC leather, it can withstand spills or kitchen disasters. Clean surface pattern design will provide a warm and bright accent for any home. Strong enough to use in high traffic areas.

EASY TO CLEAN: Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, use any common household cleaner or sweep clean of dirt and dust, use any common household cleaner or sweep clean of dirt and dust, save your time and energy.

NON-SKID COMFORT KITCHEN MATS: Comes with non-slip rubber backing for added safety and stability. Works on multiple surfaces (wood, ceramic, laminate, marble, concrete, etc). Safe to use around kids and pets. Low profile design so doors won't get stuck.

2 PIECE SET KITCHEN RUG AND RUNNER: 18"x29"+18"x47" a set, you can used as a standing desk mat, kitchen chef mat, doormat, bedroom rug , kid's room rug or other anti-fatigue mat application.

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Is it easy to keep these mats clean?
Yes, Anti-Fatigue Mats require little maintenance; to remove most spills and daily dirt and debris, simply vacuum or wipe down the mats. Any more difficult to remove materials can usually be removed with a little soap and warm water or a mild detergent (like Simple Green). These mats stay clean and stress-free thanks to their smooth surface! The anti-microbial treatment also aids in the eradication of germs.

Can the anti-bacterial component get rubbed off?
To ensure that the entire mat is well-protected, the anti-microbial treatment is applied to both the top surface and the foam backing. This agent is not something that is just sprayed on later; it is combined with the other ingredients when the raw materials are being produced. Therefore, using the mats daily or even frequently cleaning them won't remove the anti-microbial treatment and reduce their effectiveness.


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