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Product Features And Functions

Bathroom anti-slip mat using space technology polyurethane material production. The product process is unique, novel style, high quality. With more and more high-grade housing into thousands of households, more and more fashionable products, this bathroom anti-slip mats with this trend into thousands of households in the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and other places. Product odorless, belongs to the national environmental protection products

Product Core

Slow rebound memory foam is used as the core. Memory foam material is a comfortable revolution, is the perfect combination of softness and durability, in the global authoritative test, after 80,000 times the pressure test, the wear rate of the material are less than 5%, while the wear rate of other high rebound material of ordinary polyurethane cotton is about 10-15%!

Product Use

Inside and outside the bathtub, inside and outside the bath pavilion, inside and outside the bathroom door, inside and outside the kitchen, inside and outside the bedroom

Product Specification And Material

Material: full polyester / polyester acrylic coral velvet does not pile, fine texture, soft feel, durable, fine monofilament fiber, bending modulus is small, so its fabric has the softness, also has a high water absorption back anti-slip is used: SBR wear-resistant, heat-resistant, aging resistance, waterproof. Good biodegradability, hard water resistance, soft skin feel, small degreasing force, more suitable for low temperature washing, still have excellent decontamination ability in low temperature

Washing Standards

1. washing temperature 30 ℃ with weak water using tools or gently hand wash, with neutral detergent.
2. Do not bleach, can be dried naturally.
3. iron soleplate temperature 110 ℃, steam ironing may cause irreversible damage
☆ warm tips ☆: the product can be washed in water or with other tools, but for durability please try not to wash machine tumble dry, drying please use the shade dry, do not directly sun burst, do not let the back of the non-slip rubber bottom direct sunlight.

Products Selection Method

1. the bathroom is the most watery place in the room, but also the most slippery place, therefore, when selecting, you can touch the front of the anti-slip mat, choose high-quality fleece material, to give a soft, light and soft feeling.
2. The back of the bathroom anti-slip mats, you can choose some more sun-resistant, and tough, durable, beautiful, long-life material, so that not only can achieve a good anti-slip function, but also more durable, such as PVC plastic, plastic material.
3. bathroom anti-slip mats in the environment because it is wet, so we must often clean it, so it is best to choose those materials that are easy to clean when shopping.
4. understand the characteristics of each material anti-slip mats, but also conducive to our purchase.


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