Available in many colors of mats-UDIHOME

The color of the cushion can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. In the interior of the total tone is relatively simple and single, cushions can be used with a high purity of some bright colors, through the cushions formed by the bright color block to liven up the atmosphere. If the bedroom is more bright and rich tones, you can consider the use of simple gray series color cushions, to intermediate the coordination of indoor tones.


Sofa cover towels and other covers on the choice, the size should be suitable, should not be too large and cover up the beauty of the shape of the furniture. Some wooden countertops themselves clean and simple, very textured beauty, covered with a cover towel, anti-snake feet. In short, the choice of scarf to suit the local conditions. With decorative and embellishment effect can be boldly used, not with decorative effect or even affect the overall aesthetic, it is not appropriate to continue the mink.

Curtains, bedspreads and other large-area fabrics, in the color and pattern and the choice of materials to try to be consistent, in the style of production should also echo up. Can not have curtains with lace, and other floral straight edge of the bedspread, and then a pick a flower mesh sofa release, etc., so that the room decoration makes people feel as if picked from several places to put things together. It can be seen that the use of indoor decorations, uniform color, uniform style is essential.

When choosing the shades of these large fabrics, depending on the color of the background of the walls and floors, etc. to compare and consider. In general, the tone of these fabrics should be light, soft. If the background color is lighter, the color of the fabric can be moderately brighter, the pattern can also be more complex, in order to create a warm atmosphere. Conversely, the color of the fabric to choose some dumb with a unified atmosphere, in short, to combine the overall environmental tone to choose the specific fabric tone.

Post time: Oct-07-2022