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Item: Waterproof Customize Printing Bathroom Mat Set
Material: Flannel surface+ 8mm/12mm sponge+ pvc mesh backing
Color: Our designs or custom print design.
Function: water instantly, keeps floors clean & dry
Features comfortable, soft and skin-friendly, keep you away from the wet floor.
Craft Heat transfer printing
Packing: opp bag and header card for each set

Products Advantage

In addition to protecting your floor and preventing you from slipping when you are not expecting it, bathroom mats can also give you warmth in the cold winter months.

The first and most important point is that the main function of a bathroom mat is to add a defense to the bathroom - slip resistance. You do not have to think so horrible, in fact, when you "out of the bath", in the absence of other protective measures, whether often accidentally slipped and fell a person? I'm sure you know what it's like to be in pain. If not, do not easily try, otherwise, "tableware (tragedy)" will be born. Simple a small mat can eliminate your worries, why not do it? Even if you already have a bathtub mat, plus a bathroom mat, is not a better partner? When we get out of the bathtub, feet on the soft bathroom mat, the water will not flow everywhere nor splash to other places, your floor also benefits from this, long stay clean and fresh, very comfortable.

Secondly, the bathroom mat also has a decorative and beautifying function. Do you feel the aesthetic fatigue of facing the bare and dull color of the floor for years and years? It's time to give your bathroom a new look. Simply lay a bathroom mat, in summer, you want to decorate the high-end bathroom, give a fresh feeling, choose the color of plain, cool tone bathroom mat. In winter, you want to make your bathroom warm, choose a floral bathroom mat in warm red tones to keep the warmth in your heart. You can also enjoy your bath time while admiring the "surrounding" world of "flowers, plants, insects, fish, birds and animals". Where art comes from, perhaps this will inspire you.

Another simple reason to soften your floors. Floors are emotionless decorations, cold, and no matter what your bathroom floor is made of, there is no doubt that you will never find it comfortable to step on it with bare feet. Soft and comfortable, bathroom mats are absorbent, clean and sharp, allowing you to take every step with confidence.


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